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Do you keep secrets?? Well, most of us do and for that they require a software that would protect the files, folders and drives. Most software’s encrypt the file for protecting it which creates problem as it requires a lot of time to encryption and decryption.
My search was still on when I came across FOLDER LOCK XP, which has the following features:

• Ability to hide files, folders, or drives from all other users (including the administrator).
• Password protection for files, folders, and drives.
• Unlimited number of objects to protect.
• Access restrictions on your data against local network users as well as Internet users.
• Ability to lock your Windows desktop so that users cannot delete, add, or modify the shortcuts and icons on your desktop.
• Password-protected start of Lock Folder XP.
• Ability to managing program from tray.
• Windows Explorer commands for instant folder hiding.
• Automatic protection activation after a set idle time.
• High-level protection.
• High performance rates.
• Multilingual interface.
• Support of FAT, FAT32, and NTFS systems.

Lock Folder XP does not change the file structure of the data, does not move the protected data, and does not change Windows system files. You cannot lose your files.

Download Folder Lock from the download section, search Folder Lock

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