Google's Android tops as others including BlackBerry and Nokia sink

Google's Android devices have become most popular smart phones in the US, said a Nielsen survey Tuesday, a day when Nokia shares tanked more than 15 percent on weaker quarterly outlook.

The April survey of 65,000 users showed that 36 percent mobile consumers now use an Android device, compared to 26 percent who use Apple iPhones and 23 percent who use Blackberry.

Nokia facing software problems!!!

A critical issue has been noticed recently with Nokia handsets including its latest N8. The problem leads to text message delivery failure and software slow down. This is not only the case that Nokia is facing with its current market share dropped to 30% its getting difficult for Nokia to survive. I am personally a Nokia lover every cell phone that I have till date is Nokia, now it’s getting me to think over it.

Google Makes April FOOL!!!

Google Motion BETA

A new way to communicate

The mouse and keyboard were invented before the Internet even existed. Since then, countless technological advancements have allowed for much more efficient human computer interaction. Why then do we continue to use outdated technology? Introducing Gmail Motion -- now you can control Gmail with your body.