Download Source Code

Download source codes and projects in different language which includes C, C++, Socket Programming in C Linux, PHP, Java, J2EE, ALP 8086, Programming Contest and many more.  
C programs written in TurboC and Linux. Includes programs from OS Scheduling and Compiler design
C++ programs include Linklist, Operator overloading and templates
ALP 8086
Assembly Language Program in 8086 covers basic directory/file operations and others
Socket Programming in Linux using C
Socket Programming includes program in the Server Client architecture using UDP and TCP connection
Java programs include basic exception handling concept, threads and JDBC
J2EE programs include MVC architecture, Ajax, Cookies, Hibernate, EJB, JavaBeans and Struts
PHP programs include basic web application using MySql database
Programming Contest
Programming Contest covers various programs along with question, which are part of some programming contest or the other

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